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Thread: Weber at the American Royal

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    Weber at the American Royal

    We visited the American Royal saturday and I couldn't help but notice the number of Webers being used. I saw at least 3 Ranch Kettles, and there had to have been way over 100 WSMs there!
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    We had 4 of those. There were a lot. Even if a team had say a Jambo, many also had a WSM.

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    World-class pit, used by a Worl-class team, at a World-class event!

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    Nice looking setup !
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    I'm quite jealous, always wanted to go to the Royal...Maybe when I retire.....
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    We are heading up to the American Royal Saturday to walk around and visit some friends (I plan on stopping by sometime to see your set up Greg). Any teams cooking on WSM's that you guys would suggest checking out?
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