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Thread: Gas Q grill

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    I think it's ok, Q can do it but mounting.
    Fancy a BBQ party or a camping ground feast? A gas grill is a killer to senior party hosts and campers. -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jess.G View Post
    I apologize for bump an old topic from the dead, just have a few interesting observations from personal experience, maybe someone will need this information in the future.Before we had our camp we always grilled on our 24' pontoon boat in any quiet cove. Stonedam Island dock was one of our favorite spots. We had it down to a science however! My Magma Kettle grill was rail mounted and could easily be removed in seconds for storage. We had a dedicated set of cooking utensils that was always kept in the boat. Plastic knives, forks spoons, paper plates and napkins and other non perishable condiments such as salt and pepper were kept in a waterproof plastic container which also never left the boat except to be replenished. We would simply put our burgers, dogs and whatever in a large cooler with ice or ice packs and bring it with us. We always carried an extra 1 lb bottle of propane also in a waterproof plastic storage box. We carried heavy duty contractor bags for all trash. Cheap plastic trash bags would always leak, contractor bags are the only way to go! You must cook only where the water will remain calm. My kettle grill did not drip grease it was made to burn all drippings and it did. The grill would swing out over the water when cooking for safety reasons.

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    All the best, Jess
    Thanks a lot. Helped me out.

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    It would be great if I could be out on Geneva Lake or Lake Michigan today grilling a burger or Italian sausage.
    May winter be gone sooner than later....

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    Amen to that

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