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Thread: My first butt

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    My first butt

    In honor of the 9th Annual Smoke Day, I smoked my first Boston Butt. I posted earlier in the week that my local grocer had great deal on Boston butts. First they had them marked down to $1.49/lb, then they had a one-day 2 for 1 sale (no limit) . I picked up two 6.5 lb Boston Butts for a total of about $9.00. One is frozen and vacuum sealed ready for another day. I smoked the remaining one yesterday. For some lunch-time treats befoee the butt qwas done, I also made a couple batches of "ABT's" . I'll post a funny story about these separately.

    1. Friday evening: Rubbed (salt, brown sugar, garlic, pepper, etc....) and plastic-wrapped the butt overnight

    2. Saturday, 7:00am: Minion method in the WSM 18.5". Full load of Kingsford Competition, 5 chunks of hickory. Started with a chimney of about 20 briquettes

    3. Fired up the WSM to 250 degrees and added the butt. Closed lower vents to about 25% each. Left the top vent wide open.

    4. There it sat for about 9 hours. The WSM performed perfectly with temps ranging from about 235 to 255 over the course of the entire smoke. Spent the rest of the day doing chores (mow lawn , grocery shopping, cleaning cars, etc...).

    5. At the 9-hour mark, the Maverick was reading 195 degrees. Using the "poke test", the butt was PERFECT! I foiled it and set in the cooler for about 2 hours for a 6:00pm dinner with wife and daughter (just home from college)

    My wife is a recent convert to grilling and BBQ (and a former vegetarian). She LOVED the pulled pork and the ABT's. My daughter has always loved grilled meats but had never had anything smoked. She wanted to know if I could make another right before she heads back to college in the fall so she could take a few pounds wiht her (vacuumed sealed). I guess I'll call this a success.

    I'll do a separate post about these ABT's shortly.

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    Hi Ron... GREAT Looking Butt !!!
    And ABTs also !

    Congratulations on Your First Boston Butt. You did VERY well. Most certainly a Successful cook.
    Isn't it fun to convert them and bring BBQ into their lives !

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    Great job! Looks like your a pro Ron.
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    Nicely done. Everything looks delicious.

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    Well done, pulled pork and abt's are some of my favorites.
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    Great looking butt!
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    Well smoked Ron.
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