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Thread: High Heat or Low Heat

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    High Heat or Low Heat

    Kevin - thank so much for joining us for a few days and answering all these questions!

    I'm relatively new to BBQ and have no opinion on the topic, but I'm curious if you are a low heat or a high heat guy for the staples - brisket, butt and ribs? If you could tell us your preference for each and a short explanation why?

    Thanks again - appreciate all the great insights! Jim
    18.5" WSM, 22.5" Modified OTS (2012), 2 x 22.5" red (Both 1992), 22.5" OTG blue (2004) Genesis E-320, SJ, 2 x JJ, Char-Broil BE; looking for an old 26.75"

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    It is my pleasure!!

    My preference is as follows

    Ribs- 225-250 smoked with a combination of apple or cherry and mesquite. I find the best results when I keep temperatures in this zone and use the Texas crutch to finish them up.

    Butts- 225-250 smoked with a combination of apple or cherry and mesquite woods. Again, I find the best results keep temperatures low and slow and finishing with the Texas crutch. With shoulder I do like to put it in a cooler for at least an hour after it has been smoked.

    Brisket- 250 is what I hoping for because it has given me the best results overall. It's almost a marriage of a hi-temp brisket and a low and slow method. Especially with brisket, I always use the Texas crutch. It is imperative to place the brisket in a cooler for at least an hour preferable 2 after it comes off the smoker to help it relax and become fork tender.

    Let me know if you want me to elaborate on any of the above topics.


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