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Thread: Green Pork Chili

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    To thicken the sauce I use corn starch but Masa harina would prolly be better.
    I have some going in the oven today, if you don't want to buy a bag of Masa grind up some corn tortillas ( that's what I'm gonna do )
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    A favorite pork chili recipe of mine puts a handful of tortilla chips in with the spices for a trip around the food processor. It thickens the sauce quite nicely. Same idea as adding Masa without the need to buy a bag of something you might not have other use for.

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    I've always used tomatillos in my Chili Verde along with the poblanos and the jalapenos. Of course pork too. The beer is a nice touch that I'll try next time I make it. And I concur, real chili has no beans.

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    Yummm. Can’t wait to try this.
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