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Thread: Pappy's Seasoning

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    I'm surprised I don't see any mention of Pappy's Choice Seasoning. Site

    Our family has used it on tri-tips cooked on the grill for ages and it's fabulous. I wonder how it is on meats cooked in the WSM? As soon as I get mine I'll be trying it out.

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    I think Pappy's is a California thing, I don't know how widely they're distribued outside of the area. They're made in Fresno I think. I see it in the store, but I've never used it. What do you like it on other than tips?

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    I use it on anything that I BBQ...pork, chicken, steaks...

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    I've had Pappy's on tri tip here in Springfield MO. Also use Santa Maria quite a bit. Pappy's is just too close to Lawry's season salt (which I use on all steaks), so I don't it much.
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