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Thread: No. 5 Sauce

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    I was going to start a post for a review of #5...then I saw this one so I'll just add my comments here.

    As a foreword, I have to inform you that I am originally from NJ...but I did do 3 tours at Ft, Bragg, NC during my 37 combined years of Active Army and Civil Service.

    That said...I DO NOT like a lot of vinegar...(wine on the other hand...). So, knowing that some amount of vinegar is beneficial to the taste buds I made a batch of #5 the other day and it's all gone.

    The only changes I made (not liking vinegar) was reducing the vinegar by half...1/4 Cup, and not adding meat drippings. (The PP was from a previous session). I'll have to do another session (or two) before the snow flies to make it through the winter.

    OK, MY REVIEW: FANTASTIC FLAVOR! It surprised the hell out of me. It checked off all the flavor boxes. We will be making this again. Thanks, Steve.
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    Another batch of No.5 Sauce today. I am so please so many have embraced sauce making since I stumbled on this simple formula.
    Questions about your additions...Have you tried:

    Dried or frozen cherries or maybe pineapple (perhaps added to vinegar and processed in a blender before adding to sauce) ?

    Butt Rub for Jane has been a guide for me...has anyone tried any of the many curries for a rub base used in No.5 ?

    Old vintage honey-the deep dark stuff ?

    Share whats been your most recent favorite.
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