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    Basque Chorizo “Dogs” on the SmokeFire

    We first tried Kozlik’s when we spent a weekend in Toronto and Niagara Falls for our anniversary. Now we buy it factory direct when they have sales. They have a mailing list you can get on.
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    Basque Chorizo “Dogs” on the SmokeFire

    You forgot Canadian maple😜
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    Basque Chorizo “Dogs” on the SmokeFire

    Mmmmm poutine 🤤
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    Saturday Spare Ribs

    Looks awesome! Love that bicolor sweet corn!
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    Heritage Pork Chops with Apples and Onion

    Wow, that looks truly incredible!!! We need some pork chops!
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    Basque Chorizo “Dogs” on the SmokeFire

    Started with some fresh chorizo sausages from Rancho Llano Seco and grilled up some sweet peppers and onions. Grilled them on the SmokeFire at about 350 with pit boss competition blend pellets. Slathered a couple buns with the best mustard in the world, Kozlik’s and added the onions & peppers...
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    What Brand of Pellets?

    These are our “go to” pellets as well. One observation I have and it’s purely cosmetic, is these pellets vary dramatically in color from bag to bag. Some super light, some super dark. I never notice any difference in flavor or smoke... Two bags mixed together:
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    Picked up an older performer.

    Awesome! Don’t really see deals like that in SoCal... Enjoy your newest acquisition!!
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    Charcoal brand

    Were still nursing or supply of Stubb’s, but I've heard the Trader Joe’s is good stuff although we’ve never tried it. Not sure if you have Trader Joe’s in your area.
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    it was going so well..... any tips on de-soldering?

    This would be my first approach as well. The burn doesn’t look that bad to me. I would start by trimming off the melted plastic and then maybe some X-acto clean up work in the sockets. Used to have a hot air desolder station. That’ll Spoil ya...
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    Tandoori Chicken

    Dude! That looks incredible! Love garam masala and even though we do store bought sometimes, its much better and surprisingly easy to make at home.
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    52 Day Dry Aged Prime Ribeye on the SmokeFire

    Thanks everyone, well worth the wait. It was hard at first, but got a little easier every day. Next one will be a whole brisket or bone in ribeye!
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    Sneak Preview

    Thanks! They’re such great dogs. Ive never seen them so into what’s going on up on the counter😂
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    Had to Have Some Ribs

    WOW, that looks incredible! My favorite is the longingful look your 🐾buddy gives you. They practice that when we’re away😜
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    52 Day Dry Aged Prime Ribeye on the SmokeFire

    This was a whole 17 pound prime ribeye that we dry aged for 52 days in an umai dry aging bag. Using PB competition blend pellets, we started at 600 degrees to get our cast iron “insert” up to temp. Tossed on the steak, flipped her four times about every 60 seconds, then moved to the top rack...