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    Weber Chimney Starter No Ash

    I normally use the weber cubes or some other premade fire starter type. But for fun you can use 2 to 4 Doritos chips, they actually do work!
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    I'm in love....

    Hey Rick, "So easy to light this thing up and love having the lid holder and a table." I agree totally I really like the table. Not sure if you realize but it has a grate holder on the back side opposite the silver weber label.
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    Its Friday! Had to do wings! First time with wings!

    Do you have any left? I could be there in about 10 minutes!!!
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    OTG Chile Verde

    Serious question for those from the southwest: are the four large light green peppers truly hatch? In the supermarket they were simply labeled as long green peppers. Taste was great; fruity with a little heat. That looks really tasty. I am wondering about the "Hatch" though I think most likely...