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    Back at Last!

    I've haven't been on this site for nearly 5 years. At the time I was living in a condo and local codes changed and could not keep my smokers or grills where we lived. But we recently moved and bought a house so it was high time I pulled all my hidden gems outta storage. So I was able to smoke a...
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    North Carolina > Lexington: Lexington BBQ

    Lexington Barbecue Wayne Monk 10 Hwy 29-70 South Lexington, NC 27295 (336) 249-9814 I finally got the opportunity to check this place out on a recent camping trip. I'm a fan of all styles of Q and IMHO I think this place is worth the drive. This was my first run in with ketchup based cole slaw...
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    I tried to order a rotisserie a few weeks ago for my performer and was shocked to find out that weber has discontinued making them. Was this due to a lack of demand, or is there a model change coming out to replace the old one?
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    just had to ask

    I noticed the same problem with the tabs on the grate when I was assembling my 22. A quick fix that worked for me was simply snapping off the bottom 2 tabs with a pair of pliers. The top 2 tabs are still in place to serve their intended purpose, but now I can open and close the bottom vents...
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    Stubbs Natural Briquettes, anyone used them?

    I was going through the grill accessories the other day at work (Lowe's) and saw that Lowe's will be stocking Stubbs this year. After a little research, I believe they are made by Cowboy in Brentwood, TN. I have tried Cowboy and so far I don't like it. Just wondered if anyone has used Stubbs...
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    Minion Method Question

    Thanks for the info guys. I have to say I agree with everyone so far about Cowboy lump. I work for Lowe's (it's the only lump we stock) so I figured I'd give a bag a try. When I got home yesterday I fired up the bullet with a full ring of cowboy "shaken" to pack in. I poured 1/2 chimney...
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    Minion Method Question

    I have owned my wsm for a couple years, but never tried the minion method. Within the next week, I will be throwing on a brisket and using the minion method. My debate is wether or not to use lump (cowboy brand) or kingsford briquettes. Just wanted to hear some thoughts and experiences from...