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    26 Inch Yellow landed

    Does IPE just coat over the existing black porcelain enamel with another coat?
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    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    For my situation, I have too many grills. I got approval through the sale of two large eggs, two kamado joe jrs, and one 26” kettle. That funded the purchase of this grill and a smokefire while they were on sale. But the money was secondary to clearing some space for them. I still have too many...
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    Weber says something big is coming

    I doubt it’s a pellet refresh, they just released the “gen2” smoke fire (Ive had it a month and it’s awesome). Their teaser hinted at something big, my prediction is a 26” WSM or performer.
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    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    I love it. I used the first one I received for more than a month and it’s a true kamado. I have not smoked on it yet, but I feel it would work just like the XL big green egg.
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    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    Received my new E6 that has been updated. Its awesome, rock solid. It completely changes the grill compared the first one that I received.
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    Smokefire no longer at Lowes

    Bought my gen2 ex4 New Year’s Eve directly from Weber. It’s been amazing and I am I glad I pulled the trigger. I have empathy for the public beta testers. But it has resulted in an awesome cooker.
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    Wings and ribs in a hour.

    This has never occurred to me. Impressive!
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    Anyone have the Summit Kamado S6 Yet?

    yes, Tommy Garcia has: Not sure if you can see it without Facebook access. He received one from Weber and loves it.
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    New 1991 performer charcoal grill for sale

    Nice looking find @Kelly C. I have used jbweld for ceramic repairs, never on metal. I will say I am impressed with what it can do.
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    Is this sacrilegious ?

    That looks amazing. Nice!
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    Kamado Summit Kamado S6 Release Date?

    When I talked to them about my E6 replacement, I was told mid to late January for the redesign of the E6. I am not sure if the S6 will follow that schedule.
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    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    That is its official nickname now ;)
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    2nd generation Weber Summit charcoal

    @RMiles , did they contact you about the new one being sent to you? I have talked to the weber rep (don't want to drop his name on the internet), and he has been really cool about it, but I have not heard an update from him since our chat before Christmas. No anxious or anything, the wobbler...