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    Just a steak.

    Excellent use of the Grill Grates. Looks like that is on the shopping list now. Looks great.
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    How many Heatermeter/Raspi built so far

    Finished up my 4.2.4 with thermocouple today...and IT LIVES!!!! Great project. Cannot wait to put it to the test.
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    3D Printed Barrel Servo/Fan

    I am looking for an enclosure for my fan. (And a HM case) I would be more than happy to test them out for you.
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    Would you buy another Kettle just because?

    I bought a second 18" off Craigslist specifically for steaks. I use the reverse sear method and set up the second kettle with the grates raised up on bricks to sear steaks. You will find a reason to use it. Go for it buddy, you know you wanna.
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    HM 4.2.4 3D Printed Case

    Can anyone print a case for me? My HM is almost complete and I have no case. Please PM me with how much would cost. Thanks gents.
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    HM 4.2.4 3D Printed Case

    I am waiting on a PM from the OP. I wanted to get one printed as well.
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    HeaterMeter Hardware v4.2.4

    Ordered from HeaterMeter store. That is about as easy as it can get! Pretty excited to do start this project. Thanks gents.
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    HeaterMeter Hardware v4.2.4

    Looks like the amber lcd is in stock at mouser. And the SMD alternate version of the button is in stock as well. However 2 other components are backordered and show very long lead times. I have been looking at the Heatermeter store and everything is backordered there. I will figure out how...
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    HeaterMeter Hardware v4.2.4

    I looked into building a HM last year when the new 4.2.4 version was announced. I am just now looking at purchasing the parts and I see that a few of the mouser parts are backordered and the button is unavailable. What should I do? Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Greeting from GA

    I have had a 22" OTG Weber for a few years and got into smoking and grilling. Yesterday, on reddit I saw a giveaway for a HeaterMeter and have been talking about it ever since. Figured it was a good time to sign up and join the party.
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    HeaterMeter 4.2 giveaway

    Saw this amazing project on reddit yesterday and have been reading up on it since. Sign me up for the giveaway for sure! I have been telling everyone who would listen about it...even my wife's doctor today at her appointment. She was not impressed. Oh well.