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    The Humor Thread

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    XXX Less than 73 hours until NFC Championship game - GO NINERS!!!!!

    I've bought my share of flap meat from Costco, but I don't think I've ever seen a 20lb package. That's a lot of tacos!
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    Some fantastic looking PSB, Jim. And great use of those lit coals on the 'extras'.
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    Is this true?

    I actually got a little choked up reading that, Chris. Thanks for that perspective. I think it might help me with my (lack of) patience.
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    Inkbird Sous Vide

    In general, I hear very good things about Inkbird products, though I don't know much about their SV. If you can wait and keep an eye on sales though, the Anova stuff can be had at a pretty steep discount during certain times of the year.
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    Is this true?

    Absolutely not. That's why I only talk about that stuff with my high school buddies.
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    The Humor Thread

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    The Humor Thread

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    SmokeFire Fried Chicken

    Those bird parts look good!
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    Chocolate rolls in the kettle

    Wow, those look spectacular. Can you share a recipe? And welcome to TVWBB, Daniel!
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    Replacing a garage door opener

    Genuinely curious about this. Was there no other way out of the house? Or perhaps they were blocked by the fire.
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    Weber Inc. Transforms Outdoor Cooking With Innovative 2022 Product Portfolio (press release)

    So, unless I'm mistaken, the Stealth SF, is just a regular SF with all black styling and some accessories. Is that it? (oh, and a light too)
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    Supply chain SNAFU