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    Butt on the SmokeFire🔥 trying a Carolina mop.

    Looking really good! If you like the vinegar sauces and haven't tried it already, give the "Bastardized Piedmont Sauce" from the recipe section a try. I love it, my kids love it - good stuff.
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    Teriyaki on the WOO

    Wish I could say they were. Store bought, frozen. Wegman's organic. Probably the best store bought dumplings I've had though - very good.
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    Teriyaki on the WOO

    Genesis (aka Weber Outdoor Oven) grilled BSB's teriyaki style. Made a salad with homemade sesame vinaigrette (gotta have some old school "chow mein" noodles in there) and some chicken dumplings with a dipping sauce.
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    Ribs for a Friend

    You took the words right outta my mouth! Nice work, Kemper!
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    Plank Salmon

    I tend to put my plank over the coals. The plank protects the fish from burning, but you definitely get some smoke. I think the issue might be that by going indirect, the plank never got hot enough to smoke/char, and that's what led to the lack of 'wood taste'.
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    The Humor Thread

    I miss Cheers.
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    Blame the Food Network..........

    Article wouldn't load for me, but a ton of ads sure did. However, with Michael Symon having a show called Burgers, Beer and BBQ, I'm not surprised.
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    The Humor Thread

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    The Humor Thread

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    Applesmoked Beef Short Ribs

    Pretty sure I'd be thrilled with everything on that plate, Jim. Thanks for the pasta recipe.
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    Beef Ribs

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    Well.....She is finally done!!!! And man is she purdy

    Looks great, Jim. Saw the ad on CL this morning - any bites yet?
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    The Humor Thread

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    The Humor Thread

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    Keep on spinning!

    Fantastic, Michael!