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    Sausage meat balls

    I could eat quite a few of those tasty nuggets of goodness...
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    Pork Roast

    Like it Dwain, looks super juicy...
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    The Humor Thread

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    Spaghetti squash meatball bake

    Crowd pleaser, I made this last night. Neighbors asked where do you get all these different recipes you are always making. I said TVWBB and some very cool recipes from a guy named CaseT. Thanks Case, you make me look good. 😀
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    EBay asking for SS number

    That sounds terrible. I hope you can find a way around it.
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    Spaghetti squash meatball bake

    Need to give this one a try. Great pic’s posting from your puter.
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    Can’t upload photos from iphone

    And thanks Chris for letting us know about the new updates.
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    Can’t upload photos from iphone

    I thought it was me not being able to post text under a photo. So as the picture is loading up I started taping under the photo sometimes it will let me post a text under the photo and sometimes it won’t. I hope this helps.
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    Can’t upload photos from iphone

    Worked for me on updated iPhone, hope you get this sorted out Case... enjoy you're posts..
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    Can’t upload photos from iphone

    Test Babyback Rib test test.
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    (maybe ? ) a 26 inch kettle $40 in Los Gatos CA ( not mine )

    Missed it by that much, looks like a 22" to me.
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    The Humor Thread

    I think I finally have my grill temp under control.
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    The Humor Thread

    only one......:D
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    Indoor Cook

    Nice Indoor one pan cook Chuck, what’s not to like. Jalapeño peppers ? Anybody.
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    Tri Tip Brisket Style