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    Do you dilute Simple Green?

    I too use it straight out of the gallon bottle. I've tried the Pro HD version and still prefer the Original. Jeff
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    WTB Warming rack for Genesis Jr

    Ron. Finding a Warming Rack for a Junior might be the ultimate "Pot 'o gold" find. If I were you I would either grab a Stainless set from Rivers edge and have it cut down to the 18" width for the Junior or contact them to see if they could make you a custom set...
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    Picked me up some (more) discontinued Weber pieces today

    Gary, Sorry, I'm holding on to that drip tray for my personal grill as they are becoming harder and harder to find. Your best bet is to keep what you're doing...trying to grab some parts grills that have the parts that you need. Jeff
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    Genesis E-310 vs Earlier Models

    Sorry Rich...I only have the rear part of the frame left. I disposed of the front part as it was bowed and rusting. Jeff
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    Genesis E-310 vs Earlier Models

    Rich, Let me know as you're close to me here in Mass for pick up. I know from shipping a cast iron skillet that it ain't cheap! I know you were saying the frame on your Platinum is rough...might have half the frame to sell as well. Jeff
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    Genesis E-310 vs Earlier Models

    With the talk here of the older Weber E-310/320s I was going to put my recently acquired Weber #7532 Cast Iron Griddle up for sale on the Forum. It is brand new in the box and never used. It fits 2007- 2010 Genesis E and S series gas grills. Any interest just let me know. Jeff
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    Grease pans now available

    Do you happen to have the part #? Jeff
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    Help with lid restoration

    This is exactly why I avoid Black lid Weber restores. Jeff
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    I will just leave this here

    #12 x 1/2" Jeff
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    Can I disassemble Genesis to fit it Jetta?

    Dan, The late 90's Spirit's had those solid plastic tables. See my Weber Spirit restore post I made about my 1999 Weber Spirit 700- Jeff
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    Almost pulled the trigger on this unique one

    Timothy, Not sure on the year but I was thinking made sometime in the 80s I know CharBroil made the grills for Thermos but I am coming up empty with info on this unicorn. Jeff
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    Almost pulled the trigger on this unique one

    Cruising Facebook Marketplace and came across this rather unique Thermos grill- Not only glass front but glass side shelves! The knobs look like older Weber's too Cool gauge Insides appear almost new, very little use. Appears to be a cast aluminum box and lid too. Liking this...
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    Can I disassemble Genesis to fit it Jetta?

    Based on those durawood tables and the deep cookbox I'd say late 90's Genesis 1000-1200 series. Jeff
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    Weber Summit from 1998??

    Looks like a Summit 425. Chris has the same one. Jeff
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    Red Head Genesis Rehab

    If the Crossover Tube is the only thing worn out you can purchase it separately as Weber part #40822208 which is 13 1/2" long. If by some chance the tube is 12 3/4" long it is Weber #85865. Jeff