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    Will a WSM benefit me?

    For me the WSM has a much better airflow. So my experience is that big chunks of meat e.g. a brisket is more even cooked. I use the Slow‘N‘Sear a lot but to be honest more the sear part of the name. For low and slow it‘s OK for one slab of rib, small pork butt or a meatloaf (e.g. BaconBomb). I...
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    St. Louis Cut Ribs

    Haha.... yes man. That's my(our) way of life. This time I heard Pantera and Disturbed all day. 🤘
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    St. Louis Cut Ribs

    Yes definitely yes. With the more amount of fat they get tender and juicy. 3-2-1 method is my way for St.Cut. For baby backs I go 3-1-1.
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    St. Louis Cut Ribs

    Thanks @Chris Allingham! I love this "old school" design so much. Nearly every time I use one of my WSMs I wear this T-shirt or the pullover.
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    Smoke Day 17 from Greensboro

    Impressive bark! Nice cook
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    Smoke Day 17 in Central Texas

    The Pulled Pork looks outstanding!
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    Day late

    Those beef ribs look fantastic ! I'm a big fan of oven potatoes, too.
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    Smoke Day 17 in NJ

    Food looks fantastic! I hope you had a lot of fun. I need to cook some Mac&Cheese soon. Your pic makes me hungry :)
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    Smoke Day 17, A day Late, 3 Meat Feast.

    Wow a lot of nice pics. Every single food looks amazing ! I agree with @Greg in Utah beef ribs like that are my favorite method too!
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    St. Louis Cut Ribs

    My butcher is also a good friend of mine so he knows exactly what I want if I order special cuts. (St. Louis cut is special here :-) ) I just need to make small final aerodynamic trimmings and membrane removal.
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    Smoked Chicken with Alabama White BBQ Sauce - Unexpected awesome smoke on a rainy day

    Nice cool! Bird skin is perfection based on the pics!
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    Rainy WSM day brisket and pork shoulder

    Appears that the weather was bad in many places around the world. We had thunderstorms and rain all day here too. (Germany Bavaria) The brisket looks fantastic! :)
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    Never too late

    Very nice post so far! I like the tube idea as a windshield!
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    Baby Backs

    Impressive amount of good looking food out of this tiny WSM! Appears to work great. Really good job!
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    Smoke Day in wet and rainy Massachusetts...

    I like your WSM :cool: Chicken looks really good!