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    Go to first unread?

    Okay, this is what I hadn't seen yet. I guess I just hadn't encountered it yet. Thanks.
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    Go to first unread?

    Thanks. All three work, but none seems as simple as before. I think I'll use the double-click method. Just out of curiosity, is this documented somewhere? It seems unlikely you'd just happen upon it. I can't see why anyone would make such an obviously important function hidden. Why not one of...
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    Go to first unread?

    Is there any way to go to the first unread post in a thread? This used to be simple; now, there doesn't seem to be a way.
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    Can Bacon cure too long?

    I've found it's actually better when cured longer. A few years ago, I got delayed by a storm and ended up letting my bacon cure 14 days. It was excellent, and I've done that ever since.
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    41 Year Old Bag of Kingsford: What to do?

    That bag is seen in the September Q&A video... I kept thinking it would be the subject of a question, but it wasn't. The suspense builds...
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    What was your first smoker ?

    I started with a Gas-powered Brinkmann, which I used for at least 20 years until I dropped a ladder on it. I then tried a cheapie WSM-style charcoal smoker and liked it very much. I got a real WSM - which I learned about via this web site - about 3 years ago.
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    14” operation

    I usually start out with about a third of a chimney of lit coals along with enough unlit coals to fill the ring, allowing for a couple of chunks of wood. After about 5-6 hours, I add a few lit coals and top off with unlit coals. This keeps it going for a total of about 10 hours, which is just...
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    Brisket Juicy At Slice Then Dried Out!

    The cooking method I use is pretty much identical to yours, though I am never able to get brisket done in time to eat it the same day. I end up reheating it in a steamer before serving, and have not had any problem with the meat drying out. You could try placing the meat in a steamer next time...
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    14.5 Capacity Size

    I've done briskets around 15lb. I cut them in half and put each piece on one of the racks. For pork, I usually do butts around 7 lb., again, one on each rack. You could go a bit larger as long one is thin enough to fit the bottom rack.
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    Pork Butt and Baked Beans

    What I do is use the water from the water pan to cook beans. This requires a separate operation... when the pork is finished, I pour the water into a clean pan and refrigerate it overnight. Once it's chilled, I skim off the fat and pour it through a coffee filter. I then use this for cooking...