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    Friday Night Pizza

    Tillamook is great stuff. The cows graze almost up to the beach, so they are real content.
  2. Greg in Utah

    Pork butt prices

    I snagged an 8 pounder last night for .99/lb. for the weekend - should probably go buy another one.
  3. Greg in Utah

    Quick cooks: Why start up the charcoal?

    A gas grill with a cover on it makes an excellent windbreak for a real grill. 😆
  4. Greg in Utah

    Picked up an older performer.

    Get the metal table for it and you’re golden.
  5. Greg in Utah

    Sausage stuffed pork chops on the SmokeFire.

    Stuffed pork chops are a favorite here :cool:
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    Wing Night Vortex Style On WPD

    ThTs it (autocorrect can bite me) I’m pulling some wings outta the freezer (y)
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    Getting Back In The Game

    Welcome back to the game (y)
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    Wrong Cookbook Sliders

    The pickles and onions makes those burgers practically a salad, so mission accomplished on eating healthier :cool:
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    How many times have I told you: Don’t eat my beans!

    I expected to see the headline begin with “Florida Man” :ROFLMAO: Nice going Kansas.
  10. Greg in Utah

    Why is it

    They could have cooked haggis in that thing. Wear extra protection :ROFLMAO:
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    Stuffed burgers over (gasp) gas

    Beat it like it owes you money!
  12. Greg in Utah

    Lump in the WSM

    I use it all the time in my 18” WSM
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    Can't keep charcoal going - have tried everything

    Looks like mine. (You’ll have a herd before long)
  14. Greg in Utah

    I haven't seen a performer like this one before.

    Super handy kettle design. I need another kettle like a hole in the head but I’d jump on that.