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    WSM 14.5" with Hinge and bottom sealed, cover, two charcoal started PARTYQ

    I will get pics up soon. I am selling my 4 year old 14"incher. I put a lid hinge on and sealed the bottom. Lid didnt leak at all so skipped that. im in Salt Lake City, UT local would be best. $150 OBO Also selling the PARTYQ with Weber vent hook up for $125. its like new and has been babied.
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    Anyone have an automatic temperature controller for their 14.5 that works well?

    partyq. flawless and simple. have used mine overnight on 14+ hour cooks. worth every penny!
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    Can't keep the 14" hot after 10 hours

    ditch the water and foil the pan. I needed more time on a brisket and put foil wads on the pan hangers to raise it an inch or two, and then stacked the coals higher. I also started using a party q. I can get 14 hour overnight cooks easy ! I have the WSM 14 also.
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    Water Pan Alternative

    I am still searching for the 11.5" perfect solution. Found a guy locally who will cut 1/4" steel for me for about $25. Might try that.
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    PartyQ and No water in a 14.5 - way less coal use!

    IM with you Randall. Where I live it may be 70 in the morning and 100 in the afternoon. Winds could be all over the place. I could never get a stable temp that lasted all day because of these conditions. PartyQ - its a dream! Just had a brisket on for 15 hours and there was a touch of...
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    PartyQ and No water in a 14.5 - way less coal use!

    the door took a little "messin with" to make it right. the seal was the easy part. I needed to bend my a door some still after the seal was on. it was too flat. Also the latch will be tight - I took it off the handle and bent it a smidge. I also put some seal on the bottom of the door - the...
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    PartyQ and No water in a 14.5 - way less coal use!
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    PartyQ and No water in a 14.5 - way less coal use! Yup, got this package! worth every penny! My side door leaked super bad, the lid hardly at all so I didnt seal it.
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    PartyQ and No water in a 14.5 - way less coal use!

    Hi all, recently sealed my side door, added a hinge and stopped putting water in the bowl!! All big game changers! I smoked a large chuck roast yesterday for 12 hours and half the briquettes weren't ever lit! Blown away. I set it up about 0630 and went about my day checking he meat probe...
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    Mod's for 14.5 WSM?

    JGarvey - did you put anything between the coals and the meat when you removed he water pan? I am thinking about using a pyrex pie pan for this, maybe throw a few rocks in it for heat mass. The hinge is dreamy -BTW. the my side door leaked like a b*Tch, so much better. didnt see the need to...
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    Water Pan Alternative

    Success! Found a local guy to cut me a piece of steel!
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    Water Pan Alternative

    Could I use one of the aluminum weber water pan covers? I think I would add something with more mass to it. Like rocks/sand/broken terra cotta pan. And then wrap in foil. Another user said the terra cotta saucers broke over time :(
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    Water Pan Alternative

    I was wanting to replace the water pan in my 14.5 with something more flat. I Picked up a 12" terra cotta saucer - the water pan is 11.5", do you think the extra 0.5" will matter? Also - anyone have another option? I looked for porcelain plates and all kinda of anything round that can take a...
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    Mod's for 14.5 WSM?

    Ok I want one of these water pan replacement plates, did you make or buy? I dont have welder or cutter tho. Any thoughts on how to get/make? Got a pic?
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    14.5 with a party Q and a couple other mods - need some input

    Hi all, I just sealed the side door (this leaked real bad before) and bent it into place better, added the PartyQ and door hinge. Going to do a pork butt this weekend as the first cook after mods. I didn't bother with the lid seal as mine seals super tight - never seen any leakage...