14.5 with a party Q and a couple other mods - need some input


Dave Car

TVWBB Member
Hi all,

I just sealed the side door (this leaked real bad before) and bent it into place better, added the PartyQ and door hinge. Going to do a pork butt this weekend as the first cook after mods. I didn't bother with the lid seal as mine seals super tight - never seen any leakage.

BBQ Guru says to aim the air deflector straight down. But he regular vents are on the side - above the lower grate. Seems straight down wouldn't be ideal I hedged it more side/down.not sure that will have any impact??

Do most of you guys just all out stop using the water bath after starting use with PartyQ? Doesn't the steam help some or is that less significant for the product and mall about temp control?

Many thanks!
I believe that instruction is for a kettle. I sealed all vent openings with the supplied tape except for the front vent where I sealed just 2 leaving one open for the adapter. I ues a clay saucer wrapped with foil. I also wrapped the bowl. You will find clay saucer threads under mos. Hope this helps.