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    quick easy thighs

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    How about some good news?

    You don't save $$$ on the build, but get better stuff. Besides him getting a good skill, you get in-house tech support :)
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    How about some good news?

    speaking of home haircuts:
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    Been grilling more lately, nothing fancy

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    Homemade Yellowjacket Trap

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    Charcoal in my Smokin Pouch

    i was putting some wood chips in the smokin pouch while getting ready to grill some burgers the other day and i put a single briquette in with it. Happy with the result!
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    Shopping and Social Distancing

    one of my grocery stores has switched the 2 big doors to one entry and one exit, and have supposedly implemented one-way isles. No going out through the in door!
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    Ruth’s Chris Steak House get $20MILLION in small-business aid.

    Luckily the big corporations were saved first. Seems like there should've been some oversight over the program - I have been assured though that the fund would be refilled quickly, so no need to concern ourselves.
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    How to slice/chop/mince an onion

    I've seen a lot of videos on how to cut onions and they all looked overly difficult to me. I thought about making my own video but this guy does it like I've done for at least several years. Where he does the thin slices, instead of letting them fall, cut perpindicular similar to his large...
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    Shopping and Social Distancing

    I've wondered if this is a test to see how we'll treat each other. People are a little disoriented - and we're all out of our routines. We've had these new rules forced on us, these new concerns (financial & concern for family are mine).
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Fatten the curve. I just tried to make a baked potato taste like a McRib..........and had 2 things of popcorn :)
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    The other day I was talking to someone, we were standing about 6' apart. "Whoa! I just spit at you" ...a small amount of spittle had flown out of my mouth and almost made it to his shoe. I probably wouldn't have noticed it if the sun wasn't just right. I wish the guy who was coughing into...
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    My worker called in sick today - body aches, nausea, diarrhea. He said he went & got tested & they told him to isolate for 4-6 days until the test results. No fever. I think he's been watching/listening to too many youtube videos. I'm personally not too scared, probably should be but ? I...