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    Getting Pickled

    Great thread, looks like it was a total success. Thanks for sharing
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    Smoked Orange Ginger Salmon

    Thanks for bumping this looks like a good recipe, anybody know or have a recommendation on what wood you use?
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    Teriyaki Flank STeak

    Just saw this post, brrrrrr that photo brings back bad memories lol. Peabody Mass here just done the street from ya. Thanks for the sauce recipe will have to give it a try.
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    Sweet Sauce by Aaron Franklin

    I know this is an old thread but.......what the heck was Jims verdict?!!!
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    Ribs- just wondering what this does, and if you have a special method.

    Apple juice, brown sugar, and honey and loving it................
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    Costco St. Louis Ribs

    Also check the recipe section on this website they have a recipe for St Louis spares that is quite good. Good luck..........
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    Wind shield

    I like this idea for a cheap and easy fix. I'm going to give it a try thanks for the info.............
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    1st time Packer

    Looks damn pretty good, nice job
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    Taking a whack at corned beef/pastrami...

    Looks pretty good, I did my 1st St. Patty's day along with one that was cooked the traditional way. People loved the smoked one.
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    Many Firsts in this cook - Brisket on 26 OTG

    Looks good for a 1st go and the fact that it was moist is the biggest battle, nice job
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    Recommended Mods to improve sealing

    Well I've done some of the recommended mods on my 22.5 WSM i.e. mid section handles, lower rack handles, second charcol grate. Now I would like to seal the unit better all around for lower temp capability and more controlled temp over all. What are some on the seal methods people have done to...
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    Myron Mixon's Class, Awesome!!!

    So a few months ago I posted a thread titled "I love my wife...." and wrote about how she surprised me with an enrollment into Myron Mixon's class at his place in Georgia. Well I just attended and WOW!!!!!! what a unbelievably great class. He is quite a man, he makes you feel like you are his...
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    I Love My Wife..............

    That sounds awesome, it's pretty much what I heard about the class. Hoping the class isn't as big as that though. I see that it is sold out so it may be a large one as well. Sounds like you thought it was worth it. Did it help you our at all?
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    I Love My Wife..............

    Thanks all for your kind words, yep she's a keeper. She loves Q as much as I do so it will be fun experimenting with what I learn and sharing with her. We own a 5th wheel and keep it up at a campground in the White Mountains in NH and I smoke many weekends up there. Everybody loves me lol, the...
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    I Love My Wife..............

    I'm a little late posting this but I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to be on this board much. BUT my wife surprised me at Christmas with a weekend at Myron Mixon's cooking school at his house in Georgia. It's called Jack's Old South BBQ Cooking School name after his dad. My understanding...