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    Brisket Point Smoked Chili

    Looks fantastic, simultaneously makes me crave brisket and chili! Good job Rich!
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    I'm passing on SmokeFire for now

    I haven't seen (first hand or otherwise) how much ash/embers fly out of the cooker, but I wonder if that subsides over time. Analogous to how a WSM leaks a lot around the door until you get a few good cooks to "gunk it up" a bit. Not that embers flying anywhere is a good thing, but still if...
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    Favorite Smoke Wood for Turkey

    Not done turkey on the WSM in a very long time, but I know I liked apple or pecan back when I was doing whole turkeys or just breasts.
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    How much time does cooking brisket at 275 save?

    I get what you're saying Dustin. Historically my issue with really long cooks on my WSM has always come down to "ash management." That is to say the longer the cook, the more ash I have and the harder it is to get the necessary air flow to maintain a good fire. I pretty much solved this...
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    Thank You - Prayer Works

    Glad to hear it!
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    Preferred Minion Method

    Don't know how long you've had your WSM, but I know my problem (even after having it for several years) is getting in my head and overthinking and/or trying to over manage (too tightly control) my temps. I still do this, especially after not cooking on it for too long. Anyway, I agree try not...
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    Cookout for family birthdays

    Awesome looking cook. I'm jealous. Gonna have to convince the wife/kids to let me cook "real" mac & cheese one of these days, and not just something from a blue box. Although, tossing some pulled pork and bbq sauce on the blue box variety does improve it a bit...
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    Any disadvantage toResting pork butts in an oven set to warm 155 degrees?

    How long can you hold it like that in an oven?
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    School in session

    Pretty awesome story. I hope once my kids get a little older we can bond over charcoal cooking. My son is showing (4) promise as he always wants to look at the charcoal in the chimney! Just need him to be a tad taller, and a better attention span. But seriously way to daddy/daughter bond!
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    How much time does cooking brisket at 275 save?

    Wanting as ever to up my BBQ game I find myself perusing through the forum posts. I happened upon this thread with the following comment. The few briskets I've cooked I've followed the age old advice of low & slow. Specifically, I followed the instructions from a Jim Minion recipe in...
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    Suggestion for hot&fast brisket point

    Hey Bob, did you document this cook in the forum? I'd like to check it out if you did... Looks very tasty!
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    Temp control: adjust top or bottom vents?

    Yep... that's exactly what I did. I can't remember (exactly) where I got the parts as it was at least 5 or 6 years ago when I did the upgrade. But a quick google returned the following this link (, which sounds...
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    Temp control: adjust top or bottom vents?

    So, my first kettle was a basic 18" kettle. When I moved up to the 22", I was sure to purchase the One Touch Gold because I was tired of all the blowing ash. A little while later I modified my 18" kettle with a replacement ash bucket. While I haven't marked my 18" (the 22" and my 18" WSM are...
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    Thermoworks Smoke Holder

    Me too! I'm going to have to hunt something down so I can do the same!
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    Pork butt overload on WSM

    Hey Mike! Congrats on a successful cook! Hope you were able to enjoy it and not stress out too much. I also hope you had plenty of help pulling all that meat!