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    New York > Buffalo: Kentucky Greg's Hickory Pit

    It looks like they might still be doing popups and catering, based on their FB page:
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    No chemo for me

    Bob, when you get well I'll keep the promise I made you many years ago: I'll teach you how to properly grill a pork steak. ;)
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    What's up from The Land of Enchantment

    Welcome, Rob! I had my first plate ever of carne adovada at Mary & Tito's earlier this year. It was everything I was told it would be.(y)
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    Cooking your best burger

    I'm a one-grind guy but I can see that working, too. The argument against the advance salting of ground beef has always been that doing so will toughen the meat, but since you're making a second pass through the grinder that should take care of any issues. Another thing I like to do is add a...
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    Plain Old Ordinary Burgers

    Nice burgers, Cliff! What kind of cheese did you use?
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    The Humor Thread

    Aren't you Frank with everybody? ;)
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    Beautiful burger buns

    Based on the photo I have to ask you what "proofing" actually means...🥴
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    July 4th Dinner

    That looks just fine, Dave!
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    The Humor Thread

    Any daily paper that doesn't carry 'Pearls' deserves to go out of business. ;)
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    Throw back Wing Recipe

    Case, anybody who throws those wings back would be a fool.;)
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    The Humor Thread

    A little cerebral humor today...
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    1978 22" Kettle...need parts advice!!

    The triangular leg brace. Nice find! And if you need them, the 4-hole vent dampers are still available.
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    Cooking your best burger

    I cube my burger meat a day or 2 in advance and salt/season it then, giving the salt time to work into the meat. Then the patties are seasoned throughout, not just on the surface, and the salt can help retain moisture as well..
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    Wings...Help!! What method should I use?

    Of those options I'd lean toward #3, although I can't hazard a guess as to how long they'd need to be in the air fryer. Alternatively, you could grill them direct over a medium-high heat, wood-heavy or even all-wood fire. Fortunately for you my calendar is clear tomorrow, so I could come over...
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    Dear Ann Landers

    My wife brought Budweiser (AKA "Clydesdale whiz") into our house tonight. Not only is it not brewed in Wisconsin, it's forever linked to the HATED St. Louis Cardinals. And to make matters worse, she chose it over Pabst Blue Ribbon (no longer brewed in Milwaukee, I know, but the history can't...