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    Hello Friends

    Hermano long time no see, glad you are doing well. Maribel you look amazing as always as does all the photos of the cooks. Well done amigo
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    Memorial Day

    A special day for many Americans, me included. Just wanted to wish all my friends and especially those who have served along with the reason for the day, those who gave all wishes for a great day and fond remembrances.
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    Who's made a good clone of a McRib sandwich? ((((PLEASE DON'T HIJACK MY THREAD))))

    I think Mickey D's is using country style boneless ribs for their sammie's. Not real bone in ribs. JMO
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    Chuck Steak in the Garage

    Beautiful Rob, never cooked chuck steak like that. Always a low and slow but you have inspired me it looks real good
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    Derby win, Black Krim tomatoes, and my 7th BBQ pizza ever.

    My friend that is a grand pizza, a little heavy for me by I would make a strong effort for sure
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    Stuffed Burgers for Dinner

    Perfect, wish I was there my friend
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    Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Caribbean Rice with Black Beans

    Scotch Bonnets and Habaneros are very close in heat from my experience. Both will turn your taste buds on fire and tear you up for sure. Did you seed them or just dice them up whole? The dinner looks fantastic
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    Leftovers, oh so good!

    Leftovers are always good, yours looks perfect Case. Well done
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    Missisiippi Tri Tip Sous Vide start Caveman finish

    Beautiful Sous Vide Case
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    Hot and Fast Korean Sticky Beef ribs

    Beautiful, just beautiful
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    Pork Chop Grill

    Beautiful Chad, nice plate all around too
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    Hatch Green Chile Scotch Egg McBob

    You crafty Devil, looks amazing
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    Not a Standing Rib Roast....

    That my friend is how it is done. Perfect
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    Heavy Rain Sous Vide

    Gourmia, it has been excellent so far. Used it about 25 times at least, take a look at the picture on the first page of the unit
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    Quicky Chix and Wocy Sides

    Dressed the thighs with a combo of spices I put together and left to sit in fridge for an hour or so Put together some shrooms, Bok Choy, Snap Peas for the Wok, made a sauce to cook them in. Soy, Sesame Oil, Ginger, Garlic, Szechuan Chili Spices, Rice vinegar and Sake Seared the Chix...