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    Grill Cleaner or best way

    I just use the $1 wire brushes from WalMart. They are really easy to clean. I soak them in Dawn and hot water for 10 minutes in a small plastic container (think Oxyclean). I brush the bristles from 2 brushes against each other to clean the gunk out in-between the bristles. Most of the...
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    popane tank filling questions

    I'm also a home brewer (since 1994) would think they are similar to CO2 tanks. I was told by my CO2 supplier that if you turn them off before disconnecting them then no air gets inside. So, that's what I do. (Not important, but I did 3 tours at Ft. Bragg). ; ' )
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    I have that one too...BUT...SN says they use Magnum hops for bittering.
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    I wouldn't worry about it too much. I have at least 2 clone recipes (from Brew Your Own) and 1 that is supposed to be directly from SN and it is not dry hopped. Even the recipe I use dry hops it, but since I'm not a hop head I don't. I think it tastes just fine without it.
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    I have the following home brew on tap: 1 Irish Stout 1 Coffee Stout 2 kegs of Oktoberfest Lager 1 Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone 3 variations of a Light Ale (4.2%) PROSIT!
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    SNPA is NOT dry hopped...
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    Aldi's also has a Belgian-style Bike Tread (Tire Tread, or something like that) that "resembles" Fat Tire.
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    Hello from Philly

    Welcome Brian. I'm born and raised in Camden, circa 1950s. I also lived in So, Philly (1964-67).
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    Ribs on WSM

    I would have scrubbed them under cold water and reheated before tossing them. Nothing to lose but time...
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    Weber E-610 on clearance at Lowes - $325

    $714. at two near me (within 50 miles), but now showing up in inventory.
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    Random thoughts/Off topic/Last post wins

    When I was a teenager in the 60s/early 70s I lived in Atlantic City, NJ...the eye candy changed daily.
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    Summer Chili OK ?

    I'd eat chili any day of the year.
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    What? No spaetzle? I used to eat these a couple times a month when I lived in Germany.
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    Greetings from the Jersey Shore

    Welcome! Where are you on the shore?