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    HeaterMeter Pit Probe Error

    You Could make it on first boot ask if the pit probe will be a thermocouple or thermistor on the HM LCD screen. Not sure how difficult that would be. I never saw it as an issue though, as you’re going to want to modify the PID settings, and will be in the configurations anyway.
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    Flat Damper 2.0

    Hi Guys, It's been quite some time since I made my original Flat Damper. I've been running it for a few years now on my PBC with no fan. Works like a champ. The Shapeways 3D laser sintered Alumide has held up very well. About a year ago, I changed jobs. At my new job I have access to a...
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    Are there any issues with over heating your pit on startup?

    @Steve M I have been running my PBC with no fan for about 2 years now using my FlatDamper design. It works really well, though it won’t stoke the coals nearly as well as a fan based option. I’ve got lighting it down pretty well and don’t really need the HM to bring it up to temp.
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    Raspberry PI 3 or Zero

    I don’t disagree that the zero-w is fast enough. All you’re doing is monitoring a bbq sometimes. Maybe change a setpoint here and there. The 3B+ is significantly more responsive though. Like I said, whether that’s important or not is a decision some one will have to make for themselves.
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    Raspberry PI 3 or Zero

    This is not true. The RasPi zero is noticeably less responsive on the web portion than the RasPi 3. Whether this is important or not is up to you. I have one of each and the user experience when using the web interface is much snappier with my RasPi 3B+ HM. But it’s to be expected, a 4 core vs...
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    Off Topic - Build Mod for HM

    I love how you made the cut out for the HM but it’s sitting on the table. Lol! Nice job man! Did you see Franks announcement? DP smoker kits!!
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    HeaterMeter 4.3 webpage timeout

    I recently built a new HM 4.3 with a Pi 3B+ and couldn’t get it onto my network. I hooked it up via Ethernet and ssh’d Into it to find it spitting debug errors for the wireless drivers. It was so bad, the cpu was nearly at full load and the web interface was suuuuper slow. The end solution for...
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    Off Topic - Build Mod for HM

    I lived right near there for a while. From end of 2014 to middle of 2016 I was in Gilbert’s off of 72. And then for a year I lived in Gilbert’s right next to Coombs and Big Timber. Now I’m west of Randall behind the target. Small world for sure. Lol
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    Off Topic - Build Mod for HM

    Jk, I live near Elgin. Been in the West/Far-west suburbs for about 13 years. From Connecticut originally. Looking to get out of Illinois but its at least 8yrs away.
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    Off Topic - Build Mod for HM

    Damn you guys. I popped in here because I built a new HM I was going to use for a second drum smoker and now I have to build one of these things instead... I guess it’ll be alright. Have been doing 50-70lbs of bacon out of my one PBC every other week for a couple months now. I guess I can make...
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    Multiple dampers with one HM

    I really don't see why you would need all 3 dampers to be controlled. While not quite as big as WSM I do just fine controlling my PBC with just a servo damper from the HeaterMeter. I use my custom designed FlatDamper which is a door opening a 40x40mm square. Port direct to the side of the PBC...
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    Possible Idea I Would Like To Try

    I run my pit barrel cooker with the exhaust side open a bit more than needed, and have the intake only controlled by the servo. All of the air going into the pit comes through the servo controlled damper and it works fantastic. Only thing I can't do is ramp from low n slow to hot b fast really...
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    Brand New Damper Design - "The Micro Damper"

    Im not an expert when it comes to PID tuning, but you definitely need less P. My settings are as follows for a damper only, no fan design on a PBC. I find the PBC runs very well with no fan required. I can usually hold +/- 2*F when I have my wind shield around it. (Just 4 pieces of plywood in...
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    How much 12V power is needed?

    So, I run my HeaterMeter with just a damper. No fan. I successfully ran my pit for about 12 hours powered through the RasPi with a 3000mAh USB battery power supply. I didn't let it go until it died because I was done cooking and weather was crap. 12 hours is a good chunk of time. Next time I run...
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    Brand New Damper Design - "The Micro Damper"

    Right, I realize that regular plastic is a lower melt point. I was more confirming your "It's probably lower than 200" statement. I looked up the datasheet of Alumide. "Melting point EN ISO 11357-1 172 – 180 °C " So I dunno. Maybe slightly more stable than PLA and ABS and whatever? Alumide is...