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    Heater Meter Waterproofing Ideas

    check out first post by dale ... I made a very similar one with a few upgrades... will post pics this weekend
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    Building weather resistant heatermeter need some help on alternative parts .. please

    I do my dad has it right now I will have him take pics and send it over there are a few things I still need to finish but I duplicated your design with a few variations... I am building another and making improvement
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    heatermeter for sale

    i have a 2 line i will throw in this was basically just for the board but i will toss in my 2 line display... i upgraded to all 4 line displays. the display is cable ready setup with pins.
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    heatermeter for sale

    so i have built a few of these and dont need them all.... its a well built heatermeter i have not soldered in the led's....but i could i just dont know the height needed for different cases 85 dollars plus shipping.... i dont think i am making any money on it but if i am it did take a few hours...
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    LinkMeter v8 Release

    your new lite version is perfect for a smart watch
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    Building weather resistant heatermeter need some help on alternative parts .. please

    so i didnt realize how compact that box was... btw you can find them at walmart. After playing with it a bit i have decided to use a quart bag over the top and just copy dales for the most part. a plastic bag should avoid any rain run off
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    raspberry pi problem

    i use wifi and lan at the same time.... wifi is my access point and my lan is in client mode... i can also use two wifi adapters at the same time.... in the development log i posted a save of my configuration for wifi and lan
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    The Development Log

    bryan... had a thought today..i wonder if there is anyway to tie this all into a smart watch or google glasses. A smart watch would be awesome. it could ding or vibrate when things are ready or done......i am thinking your new light version might be just what the dr ordered... Anyone else like...
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    raspberry pi problem

    are you getting any display or is it just nothing...... if its nothing my guess is you have a bad solder somewhere... if its lighting up you may just need to restart the heatermeter and see what happens. so tell us what exactly your display is doing... sometime you need to adjust the pots
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    raspberry pi problem

    ifconfig ifconfig [-a] interface [address] Configure a network interface Options: [add ADDRESS[/PREFIXLEN]] [del ADDRESS[/PREFIXLEN]] [[-]broadcast [ADDRESS]] [[-]pointopoint [ADDRESS]] [netmask ADDRESS] [dstaddr ADDRESS] [outfill NN] [keepalive NN]...
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    Building weather resistant heatermeter need some help on alternative parts .. please

    button can be done with a bubble button... and my case will have all the jacks at the absolute bottom and i will be putting feet on the case. which will raise it up off the jacks and at the same time any water should run off... now if its sitting in a puddle i cant help ya there. but for the...
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    HM version 4 Rpi 3d print case
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    Building weather resistant heatermeter need some help on alternative parts .. please

    thats actually dale's rig i used his pictures from another post so that people would get my general idea. I have a 4 line display and dont plan on using the botton to much so it works for me. plus i can take and use this anywhere. for an extra few bucks i could even run it off batteries
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    Noob Quetion Help Me impress something i am working on off of dale's design using a outdoor products 172op box. i am going to put my leads and stuff out the bottom of the box to make a it pretty waterproof
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    Did something wrong..

    Bryan you are correct it will most likely hit the audio jack ....i can prove this tommorow when my boards come. I am building a few more with dale's case the outdoor products dry box.... for me it doesnt matter for others it may. i only like having the socket cause i dont worry about over...