WiFi Trouble, How to Reload Software?


Adam Becker

New member
When I try to connect my 4.2 HM to WiFi it seems to work for a few seconds, but then says 'Wireless is disabled or not associated'. It used to work, but I hadn't used it in a while and am now trying to connect it to a new router. I tried the old router and couldn't get it to connect to that either.

I figured I'd just put new software in it with the WiFi client pre-setup, so I deleted what was on the SD card and used Win32 DI to write the new. But when I boot the HM with the card it doesn't seem to come up changed. Is there something I need to do to force it to re-load the new software?

Thanks for the help!

Dan Francis

I'm not one of the regulars passing out help but see you have got no reply's yet. Try the reset option on the heatermeter LCD display then load the new software. Should work then.

Adam Becker

New member
Thanks. I tried a reset before, and it reset all the parameters but not the wifi config. My home network was still in there, but still didn't work. I tried it again just now and it seems like it was the same result.

Bryan Mayland

TVWBB Hall of Fame
If you overwrite the SD card using Win32DiskImager it should reset everything to default. The exception to this is if you're coming from an older version, there's a configuration backup stored at the end of the SD card. On the first boot of a new version, this will be used to update the config once and then this old config backup will be removed. You can be certain to prevent this from happening by using the firmware update built into the webui and being sure "Keep settings" is not checked, which will also blow away the configuration backup. At least I think that's how it works, it has been a couple years since that changed. In any case, the second time a fresh firmware (just written via WIn32DiskImager or the webui) boots you can be guaranteed that it isn't pulling from the old config backup since it is wiped out by the first boot process of the first fresh firmware although it will use it to restore on that first fresh firmware.

Doing a "Reset config" from the LCD itself should also do it, assuming it says "Resetting config..." after you do it (which is actually the Pi writing back to the LCD to confirm). If it doesn't say "Resetting config..." then it is only clearing the HeaterMeter's settings, not the Pi's configuration and wifi settings.