Which Remote Therm Should I Get


Tom P.

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I have a little birthday money to spend and I am thinking about a remote thermometer.

Amazon is having a great sale on the maverick et7 but it looks like the et73 is made for smokers.

Can anyone recommend one over the other... or perhaps another brand alltogehter?
The two popular remotes are the Maverick and the Nu-Temp. The ET-73 has the added feature of maximum and minimum temperature for the probes.

I am partial to the Nu-Temp - Nu-Temp Promotion
Thanks Russell... I have read a number of complaints regarding the Maverick and connectivity (short range and loss of connection). In your experience would you say that the Nu-temp works better in these areas?
Tom, I've had Nu-Temps for several years and I really like them. Occasionally, if I'm using 2 or 3 remote transmitters, the channel on the receiver changes, but that's not big deal.

I usually use them at a range of about 40 feet through brick and glass.

The major complaint is that there is no on-off switch for the units, so the batteries (AAA) will run down sooner than you'd expect. Keep a supply on hand or remove the batteries between uses if you don't use them really often -- not a bad idea anyway, but a bit of a nuisance because you have to loosen 4 tiny screws to do so.

You might ask them if there is an upgrade in the works with an on-off switch. I emailed them several weeks ago and got no reply.

I enjoy my Nu-Temp. I don't have any problems with connection or range. The signal for me has to go only through one or two walls for 30ft.

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My Et-73 has lasted for a few years with only one complaint. Poor range. I have not done the antenna mod. It has been durable and accurate. I would buy another one if it failed.
The ET-7 has 2 probes and both are for meat temps. I have one and like it. Its great when cooking 2 different types of meat or using the bottom grate. I have a Tel-Tru thermometer mounted in my lid to keep track of cooker temps.
I also have the ET-73 and have had no problems. The ET-73 has one probe for meat and the other for pit temps.