what to troubleshoot? Port 1 temps are all over the place

Tim Loftus

New member
I have a 5 year old HM that has been awesome! it outlasted my UDS (I am working on a new one now), but a couple of months ago I noticed that port 1 seems to have some issues. Any probe I plug into it the temp is all over the place and way off, like 100 degrees +, if you move the probes to either other port (2 or 3) they read fine, so the issue has to be with port one. What can I do to fix this? can I pull out a millimeter and find the issue? do I swap out the port on the board?
I have the TC port then three probe ports the port that is closest to the TC is the one having issues.


I would inspect the board and look for signs of corrosion or anything that might look odd. Take some pictures and zoom in on them to get a good inspection. There's only 3 components used with the food probes before the signal arrives to the micro controller. ( 10K resistor and a 100K resistor + 0.1u cap for noise filtering )