What do you do with the lid?

I set mine on the grill surface of my Weber grill (with its lid slid back, wish a similar feature was available for the WSM).
I have a nice stainless steel cart I inherited from my in-laws that the whole thing fits on nicely. Makes for a great intermediary working surface when foiling etc.

If I need even more space.. like the entire surface of the cart I just set the lid gently on the bricks outside my porch steps.

I have a fiberglass mat under my WSM that is large enough to put the lid on with the WSM on the same pad. Got my mat at Lowe's for about $30.

Hope all is well in Charlotte.

I keep a metal Brinkmann garbage can on my back patio and it's the perfect size to set the lid on. I use the can to dump ash into and then pour the left-over water from the water pan into the ash to help extinguish. For a few bucks at Home Depot, the garbage can has provided all kinds of BBQ functionality!
I always pull my patio table next to the WSM when I smoke. Use two short pieces of wood shoe modling had laying around the house. ALso the table is good to work from with the NU-Temps and basing pots. In fact, I use the two moling pieces, and two more pieces of treated deck bords sawed in about 2' long. When basting two racks of butts, I place an old used towel on the table, put the lid on the modling, and the top cooking grate on the deck boards while I base the lower grate....
On the ground.