Weld joint rusted out on a 22 Kettle

Woody C

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Has anyone had this issue before? I can't find it on this forum. This is a "many" years old grill. First there were "dents" but now two of them have rusted through.
I can't think of a way to fix these...
These are where the charcoal grate meets the side of the bottom kettle.


Bill - MO

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There really isn't a great fix for it. The best course I could have for you would be to try and remove as much of the rust as possible with some 0000 steel wool and dish soap and then either season it with oil and cook on it or buy some high heat paint at the hardware store and touch up the black paint. Evaporust works really well for rust removal, but its a little pricier and I try to only use it on some of the older color kettles. I probably wouldn't recommend the paint if it were a color kettle and I wouldn't recommend the paint on the inside of the kettle. If it has rusted so badly that the grate strap has come off, then you can reattach it with some small screws by drilling small holes in the strap and the kettle and bolting it down.

It may not look pretty, but it will still serve as a good cooker for a long time if you don't care about it. Would make a perfect pizza cooker as the high heat is really hard on a kettle and that one already has some "character". Then if you picked up a nicer kettle you could only use that one for your every day cooks.

Kyle in Woodstock

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Like Bill mentioned, you can reinforce those areas using fender washers and nut/bolt. Won't look good but there's not a great way to fix the rust on a kettle. The bowl on my performer had a couple unrepairable rust holes too, I'll eventually replace it.