Weber Q and natural gas


Larry Evers

Wonder if one can, with the conversion package, (hoses, etc. not mods on the unit itself) hook up the Q 120 to natural gas? Anybody know?
A different jet size is required for natural gas. The Q120 is designed as a portable BBQ hence no natural gas. I would leave it as a bottled gas unit.

Thanks Phil, .... Yeah, after pocking around a bit I found out that natural gas burns hotter. Talked to a guy that hooked his propane barbcue up to natural gas, and while it burned hotter and he had to watch the higher heat, it worked out fine. Don't want to take any chances though and mess up the 'Q.' Portable's fine. ...Thanks again!
You have that backwards, Propane burns hotter then NG. NG requires bigger jet openings and less restrictive valves to work correctly.