Wally-world Smithfield butts

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Duane Riggs

TVWBB Member
Wally world has Smithfield Lean and (something else) pork butts. It is not lean generation.

It doesnt say anything about self basting or being injected or anything.

Has anyone used these before and what were the results?
Duane, Read the package carefully. Look for 10%-12% flavor solution or enhanced on the bag in really small print. They like to hide it. Other than that why not. Bryan
I have used the Smithfield product from my local Wal-Mart. It does not say anything about added solutions. My results with these have been fine. On the same note, my local Sam's Club is currently selling the Smithfield Back Ribs. No mention of added solutions on rib labels either.

Like Wayne, I've used the Smithfield butts. I examined the packing carefully and saw nothing about any injected solutions. They have worked well for me.
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