Venison Meatloaf


C Lewis

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I have the day off tomorrow, and after a few chores, I'm heading over to the farm that I've been hunting for years, to pull my trail camera cards, and just touch base with the landowner. I always come bearing gifts of the deer meat type when I visit, so this time I thought that I would do up one of my meatloafs and take him a few slices. I usually take over frozen raw meat, but sometimes show up with something cooked, and when he's busy working on the farm he appreciates the pre-made meal. While I had the pizza going in the Smokefire (another thread in the Smokefire forum), I threw this together and fired up the Performer. One of my simple joys in life is setting up the Performer, lighting the charcoal and adjusting the vents by feel, and coming back to find the temps dead on. No different this time, as I was shooting for 350, and came back around 20 min later and it was exactly 350.2 on my Maverick XR-50. Threw in one small chunk of oak, then ran it for about an hour and 15, then glazed and set the sauce. Always comes out real well, especially good with mashed potatoes.





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That looks darn tasty, it does! So did the pizza in the other thread. I just ate and it made me hungry again haha