tube pellet smoker

Geo S

A while back I asked about the above and got some good feedback, I ended up getting a hex shaped 12" tube from amazon.
Decided to try it out today and figured I may as well do something with the smoke so put in a pan of salt, then my wife decided to put some cheese in too.

I loaded the tube 3/4 full of PitBoss pellets from Walmart, it started easy with a propane torch, placed it in the water pan, loaded the top rack with the salt and cheese and let it rip.

It worked better then I expected, got 5 hours of steady smoke, maybe a thimble full of ash. The cheese, provolone, was a nice gold color, the salt was tinted a light tan, it all looked good.
wrapped the cheese and will let it sit in the fridge for at least a week.

The only thing I'd change is to put the tube in the charcoal basket instead of the water pan, just to make sure the temp stays low at the grate. So thanks to all that responded before!