transporting ribs


adam clyde

ok. here's my dilemma. I'm making a bunch of ribs on sunday. Need to make them at my house, but eat them at a place 30 minutes away. From what I understand on this board, ribs are best right off the smoker, unlike pork butt, which is best after a good foil-wrapped rest in a cooler.

So, what is the best way to get the ribs to the destination without compromising quality? I see it as having two choices. First, I could finish them up completely at home, then try and keep them warm in a cooler and serve when I get there. Or, I could almost finish on the smoker (i.e., after unfoiling, have them go only 30 minutes on the smoker). Then wrap them up in a cooler, take them to the place, then glaze them and carmelize under their broiler/oven for a bit.

What do you think? Which is the best option? #2 seems the best, but just not sure...
30 minutes wrapped in foil won't hurt them. For that short a time, go ahead and cook them to your perfection at home, and then just wrap them 2 or 3 deep in HD foil and stack the bundles in a dry cooler, with towels on the bottom and on the top. They'll stay hot and tasty. You CAN glaze and reheat in an oven or broiler, but for just 30 minutes, there's no need. This is just based on my own experience, mind you, but I've hauled ribs around the countryside like that lots of times with no ill effects.

Keri C, smokin' on Tulsa Time
thanks Keri. So do you do anything to them once you get to your destination? like applying any kind of finishing sauce or glaze? Or do you do everything beforehand, then serve them pretty much right out of the foil?

Also, anticipating future events... what if it were longer than 30 minutes, like say an hour or a little more. What would you do?

I'll bring some extra sauce to apply to the ribs once I've cut 'em - "IF" the crowd will allow it.

Not that it matters. The last 2 times I brought ribs to a gathering, it was akin to a shark-eating frenzy. Didn't have time to apply the sauce. No credit here though, BRITU baby backs are just super tasty.

Good Luck!
I've done the same as Keri. In terms of sauce, I always bring my ribs dry and then let those who want sauce to put that on themselves. I might even bring 3 different sauces for a little variety. Some like em dry, others like em wet.
(sorry to dredge up an old topic)

I'm in a bit of a dilemna myself. I've been "volunteered" to make BRITU ribs on our Labor Day fishing trip. However, with 2 days to fish I'd rather make the ribs Friday for dinner Saturday. Everybody talks about a half an hour in foil and then warmed and basted, but what about 24 hours? Any suggestions?
Reheat in foil in a 300 degree oven, maybe with a little added sauce. Try not to allow the ribs to cook a whole lot, unless they need it for some reason.

I just did this for my daughter's birthday. The ribs are not as good as straight off the smoker, but they sure do get eaten up fast.