Tomorrow I'm goin' in: Rack of Angus Beef Center Cut Back Ribs



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A bit late on this one. However, I agree with @Bob Correll . Those ribs need time to render-to-tender.
I did a 4-Bone plate the other week and they took 7hrs.
On the kettle? The snake may well be the way to go, or the SnS packed to the gunwhales with briqs.
Edit: I see you don't have a SnS. Snake would have been the way to go.
Agreed concerning the snake. But with such a long cook, I'll do these beef ribs on the WSM.

Darryl - swazies

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Beef ribs coming my way for August 7th dinner.
The old man lives a ways away and he said he wanted something good and said he tried to make it and it was no good.
So we have to show him a few tricks......
We are going to go E6 however with hickory.