Tie-Breaker - Throwdown #20: Pork Chops


Break the tie! Who has the winning entry in Throwdown #20: Pork Chops?

  • timothy - Apple Thyme Marinated WSM Chops

    Votes: 38 54.3%
  • Sandy B - Smoked pork chop roulade over mushroom risotto

    Votes: 32 45.7%

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I might have to try it then, the "garlic on the cover" is not super helpful as they are the least food **** of the magazines ( like saveur/gourmet/anything by a food network celeb). Every no stir Ive ever tried tasted like pilaf not risotto. Pilaf aint bad but its not risotto.

the best I ever made was when I was wooing my now-wife then girlfriend. Instead of stock I used wine ( under a grilled filet with gorgonzola/pistachios on top). I dont recall if it was a seat of my pants cook or a recipe but the rice was blood red and so fantastically good. Ive tried to recreate it since then to no avail.

Actually this ci was a free issue, but when i went to the website link, it showed a link back to the may 2010 magazine recipe, but it was a bit different than the current issue. One of the reasons I quit ci was due to the repetition of recipes in their site. I always use white wine in mine before adding chicken stock.............................c
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