The Not-So-Big Secret

Slap Yo Daddy BBQ Classes

Rick Kramer

TVWBB All-Star
Hey Harry,

It's been one of those techniques you know about but that you're not really supposed to discuss without the guilt/reprisal of possibly giving away somebody's secret weapon. I think between the Pitmasters show featuring it as one of "Trigg's Secret Sauces" and all of the folks who have paid for competition bbq classes, the cat has been let out of the bag. So I'm going to discuss it.
No less than 3 of the last 5 Jack Daniels Champions, the same type numbers for AR Invite and Open Champions, the Top 3 KCBS TOY winners for 2010, and no less than 60% of all the calls given out in the Midwest and beyond have one thing in common. I know you know what I'm talking about Harry so let's say it together .... Blues Hog. Sure it's almost always tweaked, but it's still Blues Hog.
Right, wrong, or otherwise, that's the facts. (my numbers could be +/- by a bit, but I think I actually lowballed it)

So what's your take on it? Have you come over to the Blue side? Have you even tried it? What are your thoughts ... both about the sauce if you've tried it and abouts it's prevalence of use and success in contests?

*Disclaimer: I'm not saying that Blues Hog won these championships by itself. The cooks did that. It just happens to be a common denominator.

Harry Soo

Wow Rick. You definitely know much more than me. I had no idea! Seriously, if I had to speculate, I would guess that there are at least half dozen favorite products used by winning teams. Is BH a common denominator? I honestly don't know because almost all the teams I asked would not tell me. Maybe they told you?