The Beefer - a residential salamander grill


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Hi Bill,

I have one and use it often for steaks only. It's an amazing machine which makes it very hard to go out for steak in a restaurant now. :) I usually do a Sous Vide bath with the piece of meat vacuum packed in garlic and rosemary. Sous Vide bath is 4-5 hours at 125F and then I take it out of the vacuum packed bag, pat it dry with paper towel, and then into the Beefer each side 45-60 secs depending on how thick of a cut the steak is. Drizzle some melted butter with thyme and rosemary over it and done! I get an amazing crust on each side, and the steak is so tender from the Sous Vide bath, I can almost cut it with a butter knife. The flavour is also amazing!! Like I said, it's very hard for me to find a good steak house now, after doing this at home.