That time of year for new accessories *.*.*.*

Gary Hafer

TVWBB Member
*.*.*.* but, as usual, not for the US market. This time the Middle East is seeing several exclusive new accessories:

Grilling Tweezer #6208
Grill and Plancha Spatula #6206
Ceramic Plancha #17885
Ceramic Pie Dish #17887
BBQ Leather Gloves #17896
Floor Protection Mat #17897
Ceramic Grill Pan #17896
Ceramic Casserole Dish #17888

Here's the general accessory page: <>

Bummer. I'd like some (if not all!) of these,


Gary Hafer

TVWBB Member
Ha! No, for delicate food like shrimp and scallops. I have a set of the German ones, but they are hardened plastic. These are metal and longer.


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I had never heard of tweezer tongs until 6 months ago while watching a cooking show. I bought a pair and they come in handy for the right foods!