Thai Glazed Salmon



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It does pay off sometimes to go through old stuff. lol Look what I found. DH is not that fond of salmon, but even he said he liked this recipe. Made it back in 5-11-18. (I gave it a "Delicious" rating).

Thai Glazed Salmon

1 cup canned unsweetened coconut milk
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
4 tsp. soy sauce
4 tsp. fish sauce
4 tsp. honey
4 salmon fillets (6 oz. each)
2 TB. olive oil
fresh cilantro, for garnish

In small saucepan, boil first 5 ingredients until sauce is reduced to 1/3 cup, 5 minutes. Season fish. (to your liking). In skillet, cook fish in oil over medium until opaque in center, 3 minutes per side. Spoon sauce over fish. Top with cilantro. Serves 4

Source: Rachael Ray - 2/18
Of all the Salmon recipes we have tried, this is the only one that got a "DELICIOUS" rating. Salmon just went on the shopping list.
I made this tonight! It was quick and easy and very TASTY!! 😋Made quicker using left-over fried rice and then quickly air frying the broccoli until crispy. I did have to sub the fish sauce for oyster sauce. I read it's ok to do. Ha ha. Thanks Mom!! (y)

Hi hon, since we made this one, we have made about 6 or 8 other Salmon recipes. BUT!!!!! This recipe is still the best of the lot. So glad you tried it and liked it.

(ok, I counted them. Since this one, 9 other Salmon recipes, for a total of 11 since I started keeping track. :giggle: )
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