Surprise in my garage last night


Ken Barth

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Had my garage doors open most of yesterday. When I went into the garage late last night to put out the garbage, something started thumping. I had no lights on, couldn’t see anything. Figured if it was aggressive, it would make more noise and if not, would probably stay hidden. It stayed quiet, hidden, and I let it go to deal with it this morning.

Went down to the garage this morning in the light, and found a bird on a shelf next to my garage window. Moved some things around so I could get to it, grabbed it, brought it outside, and let it go. Turns out, I think, it was an American Woodcock. Very long thin beak. Very good flyer too after it was let go.
EFD8B38E-8186-442A-A779-9421C9CC117A.jpeg F96CB742-BC40-4FCF-9DD4-497C96B10A9D.jpeg


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They're migrating to the Gulf right now, they're interesting because they migrate at night. Sometime by themselves sometime in a flock