Summit Snap Jet issue

Dennis Crawford

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I have a Weber Summit 670 grill. When it is cooled down, the snap jet ignition will not light all of the burners. A couple are fine. If I light it manually (it lights very quickly) and it burns for a few minutes, the snap jet ignition will start working for that burner. I understand if I have an issue with one of the snap jet ignitor, I have to replace the entire manifold. I want to take it apart and clean it thoroughly and check the electrodes for cleanliness and proper alignment. When I start this process, I would like to have a few electrodes if they are bad. Unfortunatel, I do not know the part number or where to buy them. Can someone help with the problem and where to get the parts if needed.


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First clean the burners well. Odds are the ports around one or more are clogged a little in the area by the ignitor

Ken I

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a soft toothbrush dipped in rubbing alcohol. Gently scrub the black gunk off ignitor tips. Should help!

If this doesn’t solve the issues, you may have to clean the small jet tubes that shoot gas out from the line to the burner. They can get plugged.

If that doesn’t solve it, you can always replace the entire manifold. Weber sells the part just call and tell them your serial number/model.

You can also buy individual snap jet igniters, but they are not cheap:

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