Summit E6 at Costco (Canada - Edmonton Area) @ $1289



I might be off a little on the price...but it was under $1300 (C$). I just stood there in shock today...had to run into Costco to get a couple things and I as walk by the outdoors area, there is a Summit E6 (and 4 crated up) sitting there.

Was actually the St. Albert store in case anyone here is from the area and looks for it. I go to three different Costco's but have not seen them elsewhere yet...
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It is a really good price.......I believe I was in the $1500 range when I got mine.
Now they are at list $1650 with a sale on at $250 off for a great sale price of $1399.99 CAD....of course.

The only Weber charcoal bbq's on sale right now......
This is my local go to bbq shop for charcoal ect.

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Costco is also $1399 with a free cover so it looks like it is a similar deal. That S6 looks like the better value but I'm not sure I have room for it. Which store is that?
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