Sprinkle some security on your internet facing HeaterMeter



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I had this working for a while but when I reinstalled the latest snapshot it seems like something changed with the acme.sh script and it would not work (acme.sh now defaults to zerossl, which would not work with --alpn, it gave error:
[Mon Dec 13 09:58:44 EST 2021] Error, can not get domain token entry xxxx.xxxx.com for tls-alpn-01
[Mon Dec 13 09:58:44 EST 2021] The supported validation types are: http-01 dns-01 , but you specified: tls-alpn-01

I got it working by running on the Pi SSH shell:
/opt/acme/acme.sh --set-default-ca --server letsencrypt

Not sure if this was a me problem because I changed multiple things at once (new router, new external IP) or if something actually changed, but figured I would post in case it helps someone out.



Thanks for the heads up.

Looks like this was a known change that took place on Aug 1, 2021

I've updated the script now to set letsencrypt as the default CA prior to issuing or renewing certs.

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