Soda Stream



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I got a soda stream fizzi around Christmas & really like it. I went to the home brew shop & got a 10# co2 tank and an adapter off of amazon so I could refill my own cartridges. I started with the flavors from Walmart, got a 2.5 gallon diet coke off of Amazon (they sell @ some costcos & sams clubs). I also got a Roaring Lion (clone of Redbull), 2.5 gallons of Sprite I haven't tore into yet (wanted Diet sprite).

It holds the carbonation much better than I remember 2 liters holding it, and I'm always surprised at how carbonated it gets the drinks (more than cans of soda, I think). Kind of a pain to refill the bottles since I got a co2 tank made for kegging,...... I'd like to mod it to have a dip tube so I don't have to hold the tank upside-down while refilling the cartridges.
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