Smoking links


Shaun H

This might be too simple, but just trying to get a heads up. I am new to smoking, and have only done a few cooks.

I was wondering about smoking hot links and turkey sausage links.

I figure I should take it to about 160.

I was wondering if I cooked it at should be done in about an hour and a half or less, I'd guess. Am I on target here?

Any other tips that might be useful? I've only grilled these before, so I'm kind of a blank slate here.

Thanks for the great forum and advice I have read so far.
Your time and temperature are pretty much in the ballpark.

With sausages also I like to bring them up to near the target temperature them grill them over direct heat for a couple of minutes to give the casings a bit of char and character but that's a completely optional step.